Adele Samuels

Fascinated by young children’s reactions to music and their total enjoyment of musical activity, Adele has focused her teaching career on early years. “Angeline, the Lion Tamer”, written by her in 2001, is a musical for young performers (age 5-7) inspired by Cirque du Soleil and children’s fascination with circus acts. This really sparked her interest in the music education of very young children. She believes that learning should be fun and that children should learn through play, and that singing is vital for young children’s musical development. She has attended many workshops, conventions and courses in her field of study. She has taught in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

She is passionate about choirs and has been an active singer since the age of six. She has attended many workshops, arts festivals and competitions. One of the most memorable courses was led by Phillip McClachlan, former Maestro of the Stellenbosch University Choir. She has toured extensively in South Africa, Namibia and Europe with various groups, and some of her compositions were included in the programmes.

She is a pianist and has studied with Prof. Ella Fourie and Dr. Adolph Hallis and harpsichord with Prof. Wim Viljoen. She has also played keyboards in a rock band, and accompanied instumentalists and singers on the piano. She is interested in Music Therapy and has done volunteer work as a music therapist. Her students have achieved excellent results over the years and as a result, Adele won a Merit Award for Outstanding Teaching Practice.

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