Ozgur Mert Esen

Western Music
Piano Teacher

Considered as one of the important interpreters among the new generation of Turkish pianists Ozgur Mert Esen graduated with excellence from the doctoral program of Musical Arts at St. Petersburg State Conservatory, Russia in 2007 where he studied under the tutelage of State Artist of Russian Federation Prof. Ekaterina MURINA. He has subsequently gained international acclaim playing in national and international piano competitions. A frequent soloist with symphony orchestras, Esen is also the prizewinner of several National and International Piano Competitions and had performed in globally acclaimed venues and festivals.

Esen started his studies at DEU Izmir State Conservatory under the tutelage of Prof. Secil AKDIL. During his education, he started to appear on international stages such as Ville de Mulhouse and the Palais des Rohan, Strasbourg. He was invited to international festivals such as the Festival International Musique de Universitaire in 1997 and 1998. Before starting his doctoral degree in St Petersburg, he accepted the position of assistant professor at the Anadolu University State Conservatory, where he completed his master degree with excellence under the tutelage of State Artist of Azerbaijan Prof. Zohrab ADIGUZELZADE. He has recorded for Turkish National Radio & Television and was recently requested to appear in a promotion video for Steinway & Sons.
Esen has frequently being invited to the International Piano Competitions as a jury member, such as Malta International Piano Competition, Italy International Piano Competition, Abu Dhabi International Piano Competition.

He is currently holds the position of associate professor at the Qatar Music Academy where he teaches solo piano and virtuosity.

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