Zlatan Fazlić

I would like to welcome all of you and thank you for your interest in finding out more about Qatar Music Academy.

May I also take this opportunity to welcome back all our current students and parents and all our new families who are joining Qatar Music Academy this year.

Qatar Music Academy (QMA) is a center of national excellence for music in Qatar and the region. Our unique and distinctive cultural learning environment is inclusive and diverse. This diversity gives our students an excellent opportunity to explore and experience music from different cultures. We also have excellent facilities and are proud to be the only Steinway School here in Qatar.

We offer thoughtfully and professionally developed music programs in Western and Arab music that adhere to the highest international educational standards. These programs have been created and delivered by a vibrant community of remarkable musicians and teachers who are dedicated to unlocking the musical potential of every student. Our internationally recognized faculty members serve not just as teachers but also as mentors who inspire students’ curiosity and support them on their journey of musical discovery.

We partner with parents to make sure that we capture the duality of our student’s learning experience both at school and at home. We know that every single student has a unique way of learning, and that teaching should be focused on developing each child’s individual strengths. At the same time, we are ambitious and hope that all our students will be positively engaged and challenged to aspire toward excellence. The superb results from ARBSM exams, several international competitions, and our own stringent internal academic exams, show how effective a partnership that engages students and staff in learning can be.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, 34 of our students were awarded Distinctions in their ABRSM Performance and Theory examinations out of a total of 75 marked exams. In total 77% percent of students achieved Distinction or Merit grade.

I hope this information will help you see why the Qatar Music Academy is a place where your child’s music education can begin and continue to flourish.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.


Zlatan Fazlić

Director of Qatar Music Academy

Zlatan Fazlić